My motto is 'don't overdo it' because if you don't sufficiently rest between exercise (while you build up stamina and muscle!), your body interprets this as stress, cortisol increases and you will gain weight. So, rest up! Once you are on a level of fitness you sustain, you can exercise more frequently.

Here is a simple summary: Lift. Move. Regularly. 

 This gives me motivation every time:

This is the app I use to get into running again, the  C25K app by Zen Labs. Unlike other apps, all runs are free and you don't not suddenly have to upgrade to the paid version to continue with the program.

I can also recommend the original Brazilian Butt workout by Beachbody. It is fun, varied, whole body (includes arms, back, abs and thighs), has cardio sections and is accompanied with a 60 day plan. And it works.

Here is a hilarious video:

Here are a few other selections:

For arms:

Some fun zumba with the fitnessista:

Stability ball and ab exercises:

To unlock after a long day at the computer

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